Muslim Female Graduates Association (MUFGA) Donates to Nsawan Prison Female Ward

The Muslim Female Graduate Association (MUFGA) on June 2, 2018 donated to inmates at Nsawan Prison Female Ward. The compassionate group consisting of Muslim female graduates in collaboration with IQRAM RADIO donated food stuff, beverages and other related items to the Nsawan prisons as part of the Ramadan activities.


In Ramadan one is expected and to some extent mandated to extend helping hand to the poor and needy in the society. The action is observed as one of the strong pillars of Islam called ’Zakat’.

Members of the association who seek to promote a spirit of unity and solidarity among all Muslims for the good of humanity and serve as role models primarily to females in Muslim communities, at the ceremony encouraged the inmates to stay away from all forms of negative activities and improve their faith in Allah.

They encourage the Muslims among the inmates at Nsawan prisons to stay glue to Islam no matter the circumstances. They should observe the 5 daily prayers and observe strictly the 5 pillars of Islam especially during this Ramadan.

Even though the donation is the first of its kind by the association, they reiterated that the general public should expect even more donations as they intend to influence the society positively with these activities.

Reported by Hamis Tahiru


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