Ernest Thompson sues Captain Smart, Multimedia for Ghc5m over defamation can confirm that there is more trouble for embattled Adom FM journalist, Captain Smart, who only days ago was interdicted by the management of the station, as former Director General of SSNIT, Ernest Thompson has

sued him for defamation, demanding for 5million Ghana cedis. sources say the embattled Captain Smart has been playing hide-and-seek with the bailiff who has been looking for him to serve him.

Multimedia have since been served and could be taking a decision on the suit anytime soon, including the possibility of out of court settlement given the action they have already taken against the ‘recalcitrant’ Captain Smart.

Ernest Thompson is accusing Captain Smart of making comments on radio that he Ernest Thompson and other reasonable members of the society deem injurious to his reputation- by calling him ‘a thief’, ‘a fraud’ and all kinds of names regarding Mr Thompson’s role in the procurement and operationalization of the controversial SSNIT Software.

It has recently been established that the current management of SSNIT ‘hid’ a caveat in the PWC Audit report which ‘exonerated’ Mr Thompson from any suggestion of fraud in variation of the contract amount.

Captain Smart, known for his ‘anti-corruption’ rants and radio name-calling had impugned criminality on Mr Thompson, necessitating the suit., only 48 hours, exclusively broke news of Captain Smart’s interdiction owing to his penchant for making spurious allegations against people without evidence to back when interrogated for proof, opening up Adom FM owners Multimedia to suits, as has just happened.



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