“Come and kill me”. Ken Agyapong dared GAF PRO

The Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Armed Forces has incurred the wrath of outspoken Member of Parliament for Assin Central Honourable Kennedy Agyapong over the Army

PRO’s response to the maverick politician’s request for ‘protocol slots’ for his people.

The Ghana Armed Forces, through its PRO Colonel Aggrey Quashie dared Mr Ken Agyapong to make noise all he wanted as they are not going to give any protocol slots to him, or any politician for that matter.

The Ghana Armed Forces stated that recruitment into the military is and will continue to be by merit, not subject to the influence of any politician anywhere.

“Enlistment of applicants into the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) is always based on merits not political influence or any other means, Public Relations Officer (PRO) GAF, Colonel Aggrey Quashie had said, as MYNEWSGH.com reported yesterday.

“People think that if I pay money to somebody I can get myself in there. If all your documentation is correct you stand an equal chance like any other person to be picked”. The Colonel had said.

He also added thus: “People make these statements because they have the right to say whatever they want to say but we are also focusing on our process. ..There is no way anybody will be recruited by unfair means”.

It appears this did not go down with Mr Kennedy Agyapong, who had launched a crusade to ‘sort out’ as many NPP youth as possible into such employment avenues as the police, immigration and military offer.

In fact, Mr Kennedy Agyapong boasted about how he got ‘protocol slots’ for his boys during the police recruitment exercise and was looking forward to same with the military, “enye saa meye dede”, to wit, ‘otherwise I will make noise’.

Yesterday, on his own radio station’s flagship OmanFM Boiling point program, the I-dont-fear-anybody Lawmaker did not mince words in ‘boiling alive’ the PRO of the Ghana Armed Forces for denying him the chance, daring the military to arrest him, as was their age-old bullying tactics.

“If my people don’t go to military and so what. If he [Aggrey Quashie] himself likes, he should resign and come, I will give him a job. As a soldier when you retire, is it not security guard that you become?”, the MP asked rhetorically.

“Useless. It’s all over the place, radio, TV, JoyFM that Ghana Armed Forces respond… replied what what what.. I couldn’t even see it well. He is an idiot”, Ken Agyapong said.

I will now make noise

The angry and or disappointed NPP MP served notice of the commencement of his “noise-making” since ‘his boys’ will not be sorted out in the military recruitment, as the Ghana Armed Forces have vowed.

“Now I will talk. If he knows what goes on in the military, like he won’t come and talk nonsense that he is a professional and I can go ahead and make noise.” He told Oman FM’s listeners.

“Then I will make noise. They are worse than politicians. They have formed a cartel, when you talk then they come with guns to intimidate you. Come. Come and kill me”. He dared.

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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